Monday, January 6, 2014

Bronte 0.4

Four months old: :P
My wee girl is a third of a year old now. The last month she's been off formula & having exclusively breast milk, albeit some of it pumped between breastfeeding. So she's still not getting all my milk herself, but it's progress. Tomorrow we go to the doctor to see if Brontë's actually gaining weight well enough--it's the longest we've gone between weigh-ins in her life: three weeks.

Though she managed to keep the germs at bay for most of her little life to this point, she finally succumbed to the nasty cold that we've all had over the holidays. Poor little Brontë sounded like a tiny snuffly pig for the longest time, but kept smiling through it all. She really is a happy baby.

Besides all the smiling, this month could probably be summed up by this emoticon:


Brontë has spent most of her waking hours sticking her tongue out & tasting everything she can get near her mouth. Other new developments are: getting better at grabbing things, being able to put them in her mouth, doing 'crunches' & getting stronger balance & core strength for sitting, a wide assortment of squeals, shrieks, raspberry noises. She's gotten quite distractable when nursing too--I've started seeking out quieter places to feed her so that she doesn't give me 'niplash' all the time.

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