Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bronte 1.8

Favourite pastime: buckling other kids's strollers
This month's biggest developments have been toilet training & tantrums. I will say right away that I'm not really pushing Bronte to toilet train--she's only 20 months old after all--but she's initiated this by asking to use the potty & toilet. So when she does, I take her to the loo. She still needs help getting pants & diaper down, so I suspect it's going to be a while before she's actually able to use the loo more or less independently, even if she does get to the point where she's not wetting her diapers at all. She is starting to use the potty or toilet more often, but I have no idea when she'll really be able to wear underpants. Maybe when the weather's warmer & she doesn't need to wear as much clothing we can try committing to underwear.

As for the tantrums, it seems B has hit the "terrible twos" a bit early. She's started having some truly epic meltdowns where she screeches, throws herself onto the floor & pushes herself backwards, like she used to when she was trying to figure out crawling. The tantrums are mainly when I have to tell her no, she can't play with a knife or my computer.

Bronte has also started singing more in tune, which is kind of ridiculously adorable. Though she's able to communicate fairly well & generally uses sentences, she's more about fluency than accuracy. What I mean by that is she says fairly complex sentences & has a huge vocabulary, but her pronunciation is still so fuzzy that a lot of people probably wouldn't understand her.

I'll end this month's update with some of my favourite Bronteisms:

  1. Peekooup (pick you up, which means pick me up)
  2. Pee alone (she's picked this up from me complaining that I never get to pee alone, so she sometimes asks to go by saying "I wanna pee alone")
  3. Twalette (not sure why the word toilet comes out sounding french, but there you go)
  4. I needa tut a dog (this kid loves dogs, so she's always asking to touch any that she sees)
  5. Bootcats (uncle Kenn gave Linnaeus a beatboxing lesson months ago & it has permeated into Bronte's vocabulary, so this is what she calls her gumboots or Robeez booties)

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